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Achieve your target level with native Korean teachers in live virtual classrooms.

You will love your customized TOPIK course at Modulo. Get tips and tricks for reading, writing and listening with knowledgeable, experienced and friendly teachers.

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Academic Test Preparation Course

Pass Level 1-6, and get the highest reading, writing and listening scores possible!

LLooking to take your Korean language skills to the next level? Our online language school offers the best live Korean TOPIK exam preparation classes for adults.

Passing the TOPIK exam is your key to unlocking a world of opportunities, from getting into top Korean universities to landing your dream job at a local Korean company, and even applying for permanent residency or marriage-based visas. With our classes, you'll have the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed.

We're so confident in our teaching approach that we offer a success guarantee: if you don't reach your language goals, you can continue studying with us for free. After a free initial assessment, we'll tell you your minimum guaranteed level, but most of our students surpass this level by the end of the course. In the unlikely event that you don't, we'll provide extra training until you do, all at no extra cost.

Don't wait any longer to achieve your language goals. Join our dynamic online community of learners, and let our experienced teachers guide you every step of the way to fluency in Korean. Sign up for our live online Korean TOPIK exam preparation classes today!

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Academic Test Course

Modulo's TOPIK preparation course is the best way to get the level you need, online or in-person

Preparing for the TOPIK exam alone can be a daunting and stressful experience, so let us help. The Modulo TOPIK Test Preparation course gives you the tips and tricks necessary to get you the score you need. We'll cover all three key skills, with regular review and practice tests to help build your confidence.

After taking a completely free assessment with a Korean teacher, we will recommend the right course to guarantee you reach your goal.

Reading &

  • Prove your knowledge of Korean-language comprehension.

    You'll learn to read writings with logical complexity and understand conversations and presentations in Korean.

  • Language learning
    reading & listening


  • Show your ability to use Korean grammar and vocabulary.

    You'll learn everything from the basics of the Korean langauge, to the most advanced structures and natural ways of using Korean.

  • Language learning
    Grammar, Vocabulary & Writing

TOPIK course materials

The best resources to help your reading, writing and listening for TOPIK.

This updated manual from Eduwill covers all required skills for the TOPIK, including: reading, writinig and listening for levels 1 through 6.
Better still, the course books have been separated into 2 levels, matching TOPIK 1 and TOPIK 2. you study what you need!

Modulo's TOPIK Test Preparation Courses

Target Levels 1 - 2

Perfect for beginner students who need to get level 1 - 2 on the TOPIK Exam.
The Eduwill TOPIK preparation materials are ideally structured for either progressive or intensive learning, building upon what you already know. You'll learn vocabulary, grammar, practice readings and listenings, with regular short quizzes to confirm your progress.

  • Review units and Practice Tests
    We regularly check our students are progressing well through the course with practice tests, activities and review units. All skills are tested in realistic situations to build your confidence.

TOPIK 1 coursebook by Eduwill

Modulo's TOPIK Test Preparation Courses

Target Levels 3 - 6

Perfect for intermediate to advanced students who need to get level 3 - 6 on the TOPIK Exam.
The Eduwill TOPIK preparation materials are ideally structured for either progressive or intensive learning, building upon what you already know. You'll learn vocabulary, grammar, practice readings and listenings, with regular short quizzes to confirm your progress.

  • Review units and Practice Tests
    We regularly check our students are progressing well through the course with practice tests, activities and review units. All skills are tested in realistic situations to build your confidence.

TOPIK 2 coursebook by Eduwill

Invest in Yourself with a TOPIK Course

Join an international Korean university, and unlock the best job opportunities

A TOPIK certificate is used by some companies and schools (especially schools in Korea) to determine an individual's Korean language ability. Students who get a high enough TOPIK score will see new job opportunities they would have never had before.

How can TOPIK levels help you pursue your career goals and get your ideal job? Let’s take a look:

  • It can be used to improve chances of earning a 30-60% university scholarship
  • No TOPIK :Housekeeper, Driver, Massage therapist
  • TOPIK I : Waiter, Cashier, Office worker
  • TOPIK Ⅱ :Director, Office Manager, Counselor
Invest in yourself! Study your dream course and earn more with a Modulo Live TOPIK preparation course today.

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IELTS student

Why choose Modulo Live?

Our academic test preparation courses give you the tips and tricks needed to get your target score

Reach your objectives

Do you need TOPIK for your career or your education? Our preparation course will ensure you have all the skills necessary to take the test and achieve your desired level.

Be well prepared

The online TOPIK Preparation courses teach strategies for success in these exams and covers the major sections in-depth: Language Knowledge, Reading, and Listening.

Experienced teachers

Our expert teachers specialize and have experience in training Thai students for test-taking and help them develop confidence and techniques that contribute to their success.

Guaranteed results

Modulo guarantees a higher test score or you can continue studying Korean with us for free! We're confident we can help you improve, no matter what your objectives are.
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Amazing Teachers

They are, put simply, the best

All our Korean teachers are carefully selected for their professionalism, qualifications and experience teaching online. They are experts at teaching speakers of other languages, and will guide you through everything you need to know about Korean vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing.

About our Korean teachers:

  • Native speakers
  • University degrees
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Modulo Live elite training
  • Online teaching experience

Did we mention they are also great fun?

Meet our teachers
Modulo Live online classroom using Vedamo

Great Virtual Resources

Great tools, just for you

The Modulo Live materials are custom made to maximize student's progress and to get you speaking Korean right from the start. With 6 levels to choose from, we have enough to keep you busy from your first words to mastery.

Using a combination of images, audio, worksheets, video and a virtual whiteboard, our teachers will provide you with fun, interactive lessons. Not only will your lessons be educational, they will also be entertaining! All lessons can be downloaded at the end of class, so you never need to worry about losing your notes.

We do not only teach Korean learners. We teach people. All our classes are customized for you.

Modulo Live's Platform

Advanced technology for a simple experience

Modulo Live is the best solution for your online learning needs. All the advantages of classroom language learning and interactive communication, without having to leave your home or office.

Virtual Classroom

Collaborate simply with a modern online whiteboard for teaching. Draw, type, annotate and switch to multiple whiteboards. You can also download everything for later!

Reliable Platform

Your time is too precious to waste on unreliable software, so we invest in services giving the highest-quality audio/video possible for smooth lessons.

Easy to Use

Modulo Live delivers all language lessons simply through the web-browser, so there's no need to download and learn a new education software.

Effective Learning

Modulo Live teachers make it easy for you to access all course materials. One click opens files in your target language to enrich and enhance your classes.

a language advisor from Modulo Language School

6 Languages, 1 School

Contact us today for a free trial lesson or assessment

Modulo Live is a high-end "boutique" online language school. We do not only teach languages, we also teach students. What you want and what you need are always at the center of everything we do for you. No other school can deliver the same kind of personalized, high-quality content that we are famous for. All of this makes us Thailand's leader in high-quality distance language education.

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Our method makes learning easier

Simply follow these 4 steps to online language learning success

1 - Assessment

We start with a free online assessment of your current level with one of our great teachers.

2 - Objectives

We then set clear and realistic objectives based on what you want and what you need.

3 - Learning

Our qualified and experienced teachers help you learn your language of choice.

4 - Speaking

We help you use the new language in a natural setting to build fluency and confidence.
"I study both online and at school. The class is fun and engaging."
TOPIK Preparation Course
"I can improve my score when I finish one course, with Modulo. Thank you teachers!"
TOPIK Preparation Course
"Learning with Modulo makes me understand, and can catch up the lessons at school!"
TOPIK Preparation Course


Benefits of studying Korean

Learning Korean at Modulo can open the door to the world

Working and Studying in Korean

IIf you interact with any Korean-speaking people at work, then learning Korean will make you a more valuable asset to your company. With companies like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, Korea has the 13th largest economy in the world. Being able to speak Korean, even just a little, can help you break the ice with new friends or professional colleagues.
Want a top job in a big Korean company? You will likely need proof of your Korean language skills, or have attended university in Korea. Either way, taking the TOPIK test truly is the key to working or studying in Korea.

Contact us about your learning objectives

Living in South Korea

If you’re planning to travel to Korea, then you definitely should put some effort into learning the language. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying for a week or several months, learning Korean can help you find your way around, and adapt to the culture and society.
You will be able to communicate locals, which will allow you to have a better overall travel experience.

Korean Culture

Many people are exposed to modern Korean culture throughseries, movies and songs. Maybe you've watched or Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite" or perhaps you enjoy listening to artists such as BTS, EXO and BLACKPINK. Or maybe you enjoy-K-dramas on Netflix. Beyond the modern popular culture that is taking the world by storm, there is a vast Korean history waiting for you to discover it.

Writing Korean

You may think that Korean is hard to learn because it has a different writing system. But learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is very easy. The Korean language is considered to have the most logical system of writing in the world. Hangul didn’t slowly evolve. Instead, it was purposefully crafted to fit the speech of the language perfectly.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
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