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3 Language Learning Steps

Get exactly what you want with Modulo Live

1 - Discover Your Language Goals

We take the time to understand your language learning wants and needs. What motivates you to learn a new language? Whether it's for personal or professional growth, we want to help you achieve your goals. Our team of language experts will work with you to determine how you currently use the language and how you plan on using it in the future.

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2 - Set Objectives and Create a Plan

Once we know your language goals, we evaluate your current language skills and objectives. This allows us to design a custom learning plan that fits your unique schedule and budget. Our approach is designed to help you improve your skills and reach your language objectives quickly and efficiently.

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3 - Learn with Confidence

Our qualified and experienced teachers are dedicated to helping you learn your language of choice. We believe that the key to language fluency is natural communication, which is why we focus on helping you build confidence and fluency through practical conversation practice. We regularly evaluate your progress and satisfaction to ensure that you're making progress towards your language goals.

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Step 1 - Modulo Live Discovery

Tell us about you for a personalized experience

Getting in touch with Modulo is the first step you are taking towards a successful language learning experience. Tell us more about you and your goals, and we'll help you reach them with a personalized online course. It's a promise.

Looking to boost your language skills for work?

Our experienced teachers can help you improve your communication skills, whether you need to write better emails in Chinese, present in French, or join meetings in Japanese. Many of our learners have even achieved promotions and new positions by mastering a new language.

Are you eager to explore new cultures around the world?

Our classes are perfect for you! Whether you want to learn French for culinary and fashion adventures, delve into Chinese history and culture, or enjoy manga and anime in Japanese, we have great teachers ready to help. Our live online video classes are available for students of all levels.

Are you a parent searching for a way to prepare your child for a globalized world?

Modulo Live has got your back! Our entertaining courses and programs for English, Chinese, French, Thai, Japanese, and Korean cater to children of all ages and levels. From phonics for little ones to IELTS preparation for teenagers, we provide an engaging and effective learning experience that will get your child speaking in no time.

Step 2 - Modulo Live Objectives

We have a solution for all your language learning needs

A custom one-on-one course allows you to study exactly what you want. Our language advisors and teachers are experts at setting realistic, attainable objectives that allow each student to reach all personal goals as quickly as possible.


Language classes practicing all 4 language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading. The focus on using what you learn with confidence.


Get the result you want and need on any standardized language test such as the IELTS for English, HSK for Chinese or DELF for French... and many more.


We provide you with the business tools you need. You will benefit from our courses for general language skills, specific professions and industries.


Conversation classes are perfect if you want to practice the language in a fun, interactive way. New language is learnt by using it through natural speaking

Young learners

Your child or teenager will enjoy our classes building language skills in an entertaining, communicative manner. A perfect complement to regular school.


Modulo Live's popularity is due to its flexibility and simplicity. We offer many like you with the unique, personalized language course they need.

Step 3 - Modulo Live Learning

We will help you speak fluently

A custom one-on-one course allows you to study exactly what you want. Our language advisors and teachers are experts at setting realistic, attainable objectives that allow each student to reach all personal goals as quickly as possible.

Learning online with Modulo Live

Modulo Live's proven method yields the results you need

At Modulo Live, we understand that you want to communicate. That's what languages are for, after all! While we do teach grammar and vocabulary, the focus is on using the target language in a natural way, with plenty of practice to help you memorize the new content, and to build fluency and confidence.

Would you like to learn your first few French or Japanese words? Do you already speak Chinese or English fluently? We have a language course for you.

  • 1 - Communication & Language Development
    Even after your very first lesson in a new language, you'll be amazed by all the things you can say! We teach thousands of lessons every month, and our students think we're pretty darn good at it.

  • 2 - Caring & Supporting Environment
    We're not going to lie, learning a language is hard, but our friendly advisors and teachers will be with you every step of the way, making sure you are satisfied, even if your objectives change.

  • 3 - Live & Easy-to-use Platform
    Our goal is to provide you with a premium school learning experience in a simple online package. Quality audio and video, online materials and expert teachers are just a click away.

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Modulo Live's Platform

Advanced technology for a simple experience

Modulo Live is the best solution for your online learning needs. All the advantages of classroom language learning and interactive communication, without having to leave your home or office.

Virtual Classroom

Collaborate simply with a modern online whiteboard for teaching. Draw, type, annotate and switch to multiple whiteboards. You can also download everything for later!

Reliable Platform

Your time is too precious to waste on unreliable software, so we invest in services giving the highest-quality audio/video possible for smooth lessons.

Easy to Use

Modulo Live delivers all language lessons simply through the web-browser, so there's no need to download and learn a new education software.

Effective Learning

Modulo Live teachers make it easy for you to access all course materials. One click opens files in your target language to enrich and enhance your classes.

a language advisor from Modulo Language School

6 Languages, 1 School

Contact us today for a free trial lesson or assessment

Modulo is a high-end "boutique" online language school. We do not only teach languages, we also teach students. What you want and what you need are always at the center of everything we do for you. No other virtual school can deliver the same kind of personalized, high-quality content that we are famous for. All of this makes us a leader in high-quality language education for English, Chinese, French, Thai, Japanese and Korean.

"Very good teachers! I like them so much.
Modulo is the best!"
English for teens - Teacher Josh
"The best language school ever!
Highly recommended."
Dr. Aey
IELTS and Medical English
"อาจารย์สอนดีมากค่ะ มีเกมส์ให้เล่นไม่เบื่่อเลยค่ะ ได้เรียนกับอาจารย์หลายท่าน แต่ละท่านมีเทคนิคการสอนแบบเฉพาะ และได้ฟังสำเนียงแบบทั้งอังกฤษ และอเมริกัน สถานที่ก็สะอาด สะดวกสบาย น้องพนักงานดูแลเป็นอย่างดี คอยถามเรื่องfeedback ตลอดเวลา รู้สึกประทับใจทุกอย่างเลยค่ะ"
Fon & Fluke
English for daily life
a male online English teacher from Modulo Live

Amazing Teachers

They are, put simply, the best

All our English, Chinese, French, Thai, Japanese and Korean teachers are carefully selected for their professionalism, qualifications and experience teaching online. They go through Modulo Live's high-quality training programs and receive regular coaching and workshops continuously through their career with us.

About our teachers:

  • Native speakers
  • University degrees
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Modulo Live elite training
  • Online teaching experience

Did we mention they are also great fun?

Meet our teachers
Modulo Live online classroom using Vedamo

Great Virtual Resources

Great tools, just for you

The Modulo Live materials are custom made to maximize student's progress and to get you speaking right from the start. With 6 levels to choose from, we have enough to keep you busy from your first words to mastery.

Using a combination of images, audio, worksheets, video and a virtual whiteboard, our teachers will provide you with fun, interactive lessons. Not only will your lessons be educational, they will also be entertaining! All lessons can be downloaded at the end of class, so you never need to worry about losing your notes.

We do not only teach language learners. We teach people. All our classes are customized for you.

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