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On Modulo Live, you’ll learn what you need. Study Mandarin speaking, listening, reading and writing for high school and university from the convenience of home.

Chinese courses for adults      HSK Test preparation courses

UUnlock your teenager's potential with Modulo's Live online Chinese classes! Our specially designed courses are perfect for high school students studying in international, bilingual, or Thai schools.

With our live online Chinese classes, your teenager will enjoy interactive and engaging lessons with experienced and qualified teachers. Our courses cover all skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, ensuring your teenager will be able to communicate effectively in Chinese.

Our unique approach to teaching combines proven teaching methods with constant cultural and linguistic immersion, helping your teenager learn Chinese in a fun and natural way. We also focus on developing modern values and critical thinking skills, ensuring your teenager is well-equipped for success in the real world.

At Modulo, we understand the importance of flexibility for busy teenagers. That's why our Live online Chinese classes are designed to fit around your teenager's schedule, with flexible class times and personalized lesson plans to meet their needs.

Enroll your teenager in Modulo's Live Online Chinese Classes today and watch them develop valuable language skills that will benefit them for life!

HSK Levels
an online female teeange student of Modulo Live


Great online programs for teens

The best language learning for every child

ESC Kids

Fun and effective, this excellent textbook series adopts an exciting new approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The program is based on feedback and helpful suggestions from teachers who use those series in their classrooms.

Standard HSK

Success from the very beginning
A fantastic, up-to-date series designed to give students of all ages the skills necessary to score excellently in HSK tests of all levels. Learn all four skills with focus, efficiency and fun!

Custom Course

Choose your own adventure
One of the greatest advantages of private lessons is the total control over the content of the course. We can help with home work, support preparation for school exams and assist learners with all other learning objectives.

Easy Steps to Chinese

The Chinese language made easy

Ideal for high-school age students of all levels, this excellent program from Beijing University Press offers modern pedagogy in a colorful format.

From HSK 1 to HSK 4

The new program includes careful pacing, up-to-date topics, and practical activities. In the workbooks, students practice Pinyin and strokes, write Chinese characters, and more. Students acquire confidence in speaking and writing Chinese.

The primary goal of this series is to help beginners, especially non-Chinese background learners, build a solid foundation for learning Chinese as a foreign language. It emphasizes the development of communications skills in listening and speaking. Recognizing and writing characters are also studied.

  • Book
    Development of skills in listening and speaking. Our students start speaking Chinese on their first lesson!

  • Teachers
    Motor skills activated through various activities and characters writing, step by step. Also cognitive, logical and imaginative skills.

  • Audio
    A fun and effective way to learn Chinese with activities, engaging games, interesting songs and useful worksheets.

Join the many Modulo students who have improved their Chinese!
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HSK Preparation

Get ready to pass the test

A course focused specifically on getting students ready to pass their HSK test at any level.

Standard Course HSK

From HSK 1 Beginner to HSK 6 Advanced

Develop the necessary skills to take on the HSK test with confidence. Students will receive new language, as well as ample practice to ensure that when the test comes they are ready.

Apart from simply preparing for the test, students will learn new language and become all-round better speakers, readers, listeners and writers of the Chinese language.
The carefully chosen Asia-specific content gets students thinking.

  • Book
    The Standard Course HSK program is comprised of 6 quality student's books from Beijing Language Culture University Press.

  • Teachers
    The Standard Course HSK series is a great tool for studying with our great experienced Chinese teachers.

  • Audio
    This curriculum also comes with interesting audio CDs for our students to improve their listening skills.

Join the many Modulo students who have improved their Chinese!


Learning made easier

Simply follow these 4 steps

1 - Assessment

We start with a free online assessment of your current level with one of our great teachers.

2 - Objectives

We then set clear and realistic objectives based on what you want and what you need.

3 - Learning

Our qualified and experienced teachers help you learn your language of choice.

4 - Speaking

We help you use the new language in a natural setting to build fluency and confidence.


Why Modulo Live is right for you

We care about our students. Your success is our success

All age groups

Our youngest students start studying at 6 years old and there is no maximum.

All levels

We teach effectively from the first beginners' phonics to advanced grammar rules.

Amazing teachers

All our teachers are Native speakers, professional, qualified and experienced.

Personalized courses

Students can choose to study a course designed especially for their wants and needs.
Modulo Live student

International atmosphere

When you study with Modulo Live, you become part of our multi-cultural family.

Flexible and convenient

Choose when to study to match your work/school's schedule. 7 days/week, all day!

Great value

With Modulo Live, you receive the best quality at a reasonable price. No hidden fees!

It works

Our proven, effective methods will allow you to progress quickly while having fun.
a female online Chinese teacher from Modulo Live

Amazing Teachers

They are, put simply, the best

All our Chinese teachers are carefully selected for their professionalism, qualifications and experience teaching online. They go through Modulo Live's high-quality training programs and receive regular coaching and workshops continuously through their career with us.

About our Chinese teachers:

  • Native speakers
  • University degrees
  • Teaching qualifications
  • Modulo Live elite training
  • Online teaching experience

Did we mention they are also great fun?

Meet our teachers
Modulo Live online classroom using Vedamo

Great Virtual Resources

Great tools, just for you

The Modulo Live materials are custom made to maximize student's progress and to get you speaking Chinese right from the start. With 6 levels to choose from, we have enough to keep you busy from your first words to mastery.

Using a combination of images, audio, worksheets, video and a virtual whiteboard, our teachers will provide you with fun, interactive lessons. Not only will your lessons be educational, they will also be entertaining! All lessons can be downloaded at the end of class, so you never need to worry about losing your notes.

We do not only teach Chinese learners. We teach people. All our classes are customized for you.

Modulo Live's Platform

Advanced technology for a simple experience

Modulo Live is the best solution for your online learning needs. All the advantages of classroom language learning and interactive communication, without having to leave your home or office.

Virtual Classroom

Collaborate simply with a modern online whiteboard for teaching. Draw, type, annotate and switch to multiple whiteboards. You can also download everything for later!

Reliable Platform

Your time is too precious to waste on unreliable software, so we invest in services giving the highest-quality audio/video possible for smooth lessons.

Easy to Use

Modulo Live delivers all language lessons simply through the web-browser, so there's no need to download and learn a new education software.

Effective Learning

Modulo Live teachers make it easy for you to access all course materials. One click opens files in your target language to enrich and enhance your classes.

a language advisor from Modulo Language School

6 Languages, 1 School

Contact us today for a free trial lesson or assessment

Modulo Live is a high-end "boutique" online language school. We do not only teach languages, we also teach students. What you want and what you need are always at the center of everything we do for you. No other school can deliver the same kind of personalized, high-quality content that we are famous for. All of this makes us Thailand's leader in high-quality distance language education.

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"คุณครูใจดี เพื่อนๆน่ารัก พี่ๆทุกคนน่ารัก ใจดี คุยง่าย เรียนเข้าใจง่าย"
Chinese for Academics
"ที่โมดูโล่สอนแล้วทำให้เก่งภาษาจีนขึ้นเยอะมากๆเลยค่ะ คุณครู พี่ๆน่ารักทุกคนเลย"
Chinese for Academics
"พี่ๆน่ารัก เหล่าซือใจดี เรียนสนุกมากๆ มีขนมให้ทาน น้ำเย็นดี แอร์ฉ่ำ ดี๊ดี"
Chinese for Teens


Benefits of studying Chinese

Studying Chinese on Modulo Live can open doors

an image of downtown Beijing, in China

The Importance of Chinese

TThe People’s Republic of China currently boasts the fastest growing economy in the world and is widely regarded as the potentially biggest global market in the twenty-first century.
As Thailand's first trading partner in front of the U.S. and Japan, China's powerful economy is making learning Chinese increasingly valuable for Thai people.

Contact us about your learning objectives

All over the world

Chinese is the language of nearly 1/4 of the World’s Population i.e. over 1.3 billion people speaks the Chinese Language And not just in China, Taiwan, and Singapore, but all over the world!
Thailand has the largest overseas Chinese community and Chinese have successfully assimilated into the country for the last 400 years.

Working in Chinese

The demand for business people who know Chinese (Mandarin) is skyrocketing. Speaking even a little Chinese can greatly enhance your international business relations!
Chinese is important for your career! China is, and will be a major player in the business world. International business prefers to hire people who speak more than one language. China is becoming a big market recently, and business people are now looking for people who can speak Chinese.

Understanding Chinese culture

Chinese is useful! Studying Chinese lessons is a great opportunity to learn something new. It is also a great experience to be able to talk to others and it can be helpful if you like to travel. Our Chinese classes can help you understand Chinese culture, literature and history.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
Nelson Mandela

Chinese in the world

Mandarin is the most widely spoken form of Chinese and, as a language in itself, has more speakers than any other language. With all Chinese dialects sharing one writing system of over 40,000 symbols - of which you have to study at least 3,000 in order to be considered literate! - the Chinese language is inherently difficult but fascinating to learn.
Start today!

Chinese at Modulo

Modulo has the best Chinese teachers. All of our teachers are selected carefully and experienced in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. They have the skills required to lead a Chinese class in an engaging way, and compel students to practice their communicative, interpersonal and presentational skills in the new language. We offer our students individual Chinese courses tailor-made to their own personal needs and interests as well as group lessons.

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